Meet Our Chiropractors

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    Dr. James E. Davison, a Montana native, received his pre-med education from Brigham Young University, later taking an alternative health approach found himself traveling to Portland, Oregon to pursue his doctorate in Chiropractic. He graduated Western States Chiropractic College in 1988 where he excelled in and out of the classroom. Being nicknamed “diamond” Jim because of his adjusting style and business mind, he quickly found he could do good for the community while still in school. He joined a coalition of health professionals ranging from Dentist to Optometrists giving free health care to low income hispanic families. It was here Dr. Davison realized his services were “really a miracle”. Dr. Davison has over 22+ years treating all ranges of symptoms and conditions, all the while being a preferred provider to all insurances. His specialties in adjustive techniques, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and functional biomechanics have benefited his patients greatly.


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