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Sports Injury Treatment


Sports Injury Treatment in Tualatin at Davison Chiropractic

Sport injuries are a growing issue in today’s world, with more people devoting their time and energy into perfecting their skill and talents in a very competitive environment; injury is a certainty. At Davison Chiropractic we are highly trained in all injuries related to sport and performance. We've committed our energy to quick and effective rehabilitation, recovery, and performance. Not only do we help treat your injuries but we will focus on your recovery for performance! Dr. Davison is a a graduate of the University of Utah Sport Science Program receiving his B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Later studying for strength and conditioning through the NSCA, and Titlest Performance Institute for Golf Injuries and swing analysis. Our first and foremost goal is to get you back to the field as quickly as possible and with better performance without the risk of future injury.

Why we are different:

Our services are not the same you will receive anywhere else. With the use of Prolotherapy and Stem cell injections, Oxygen therapy and rehabilitation analysis, we separate ourselves from everyone else.