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Work Injury Treatment


Davison Chiropractic: Work Injuries in Tualatin

Accidents happen at work almost all the time, anything from repetitive overuse, to a slip and fall. Many people avoid wanting to get treatment in fear of their job OR being looked down upon by their employer, however, this is a very false misconception. Your health is the most important and your functional, pain-free body is important. Getting better quickly and effectively and back to work is the most important.

Here at Davison Chiropractic, we are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating many injuries related to workplace accidents. From the very acute stages of inflammation, to the end stages with rehabilitation and exercise. We not only reduce pain and weakness, but we improve your function with correctional treatment. We also collaborate and work with other healthcare professionals, orthopedists, occupational therapists to help you get better to the best of your ability.